Welcome Julie & Renata!

We welcomed two new au pairs and families to our group this month! I’d love to welcome Julie, from Sweden and Renata from Mexico and their host families. Here is some important information on how to get your drivers license, social security number and education details.
Here are the Rules of the Road . It is long, but does include practice questions that you will find helpful. Make sure you review the website and bring the acceptable forms of identification. You can find the closest DMV here. Most of the au pairs go to one of these two facilities:
Social Security Number:
I’m including some helpful information about obtaining your Social Security number that you may find helpful from Infosource:

To obtain a Social Security number, an au pair must go to the nearest Social Security office with her/his passport, I-94 card, DS-2019 form, and Social Security Letter from Cultural Care Au Pair (available in your online account). She/he will have to fill out an application form, which is available at the Social Security office nearest you

In order to grant the Social Security number, the SSA must verify the au pair’s visa status. If an au pair is told that she/he is not in the database yet or cannot be verified, she/he should ask to have her/his status verified through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) instead. Her/his Social Security number application will then be faxed to a central office to be verified. This process may take several days or weeks.

​If you experience a problem when applying for a Social Security number, please contact the Operations Department at 800-448-5753 and ​they ​will try to assist you.

As part of you J-1 visa status and being an Au-Pair, you are required to take 6 credit classes in an accredited institution. Online and Adult Schools are not accepted, it absolutely has to be a local college; an accredited institution. Even if the class does not give you credits, you can count hours towards your fulfillment;

1 credit equals 12 hours – 6 credits equals 72 hours of class time

The following list of schools/colleges are accredited institutions you may take classes in. There are others, but this is in the immediate area. Please consult with each school individually. Below each school you will see the classes some of the Au-Pairs in our group have taken. This is just to help you get an idea what is offered, there are other options and different courses you may choose from.

Au-Pairs need to schedule the classes around the families schedule and the family is responsible for getting them to school, whether it is letting the Au-Pair use the car, dropping and picking the Au-Pair up or paying for public transportation the Au-Pair needs to use to get to classes. If Au-Pairs are sharing rides, please make sure the family is okay with it and use common sense!

Weekend Classes:

National Louis University Weekend Class

​Other Options exist as well – just Google “Au Pair Weekend Class”. If you have any questions, reach out to me. ​
​Community Colleges:​
​City Colleges of Chicago ​(Wilbur Wright is the closest)
​I know this is a lot of information, so you may want to keep this e-mail handy to refer back to — and as always, I am here for any questions or concerns!


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